Send sound to player.

- 'sound:;;1;;1' 
# "sound: SOUND;;volume;;pitch"


Send a message to the player, support color code.

- 'message: Hello!'


Send a message to all online players, support color code.

- 'announcement: Hello!'


Give players potion effect.

- 'effect: BLINDNESS;;1;;60'

BLINDNESS is SpigotAPI effect ID, its different form minecraft effect namespace, you can find them here:

1 is effect level.

60 is effect duration.


Teleport player to specified location.

- 'teleport: LobbyWorld;;0;;128;;10'

LobbyWorld is world name.

0 is X pos.

128 is Y pos.

10 is Z pos.

You can also add yaw and pitch at the end of action string, like:

- 'teleport: DungeonWorld;;100;;30;;300;;90;;0'

Player Command

Make the player excutes a command.

- 'player_command: tell i am a boy!'

Op Command

Make the player excutes a command as OP.

- 'op_command: tell i am a boy!'

Console Command

Make the console excutes a command.

- 'console_command: op %player%'

Spawn vanilla mobs

Spawn vanilla mobs, mob ID follow this page:

- 'eneity_spawn: ZOMBIE'

MythicMobs spawn

MythicMobs Spawn at block location

Require MythicMobs.

- 'mythicmobs_spawn: test;;1'

test is Mob ID, 1 is the level. Mob ID and level use ;; spite.

Level can remove, this means you can set:

- 'mythicmobs_spawn: test'

MythicMobs Spawn at remote location

Require MythicMobs.

Simailr to MythicMobs Spawn at block location, but you need add ;;world name;;x;;y;;z at the end of action string, for example:

- 'mythicmobs_spawn: testMonster;;LobbyWorld;;11;;64;;12'

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