config.yml file

An example config.yml file as below:

# Whether print archeology block generate log at console.
log-generated-block: false
# Used config files
  generate-default-files: true
  # Language files used by plugins
  # Language files are stored in the languages folder
  language: en_US
# Auto copy resource pack
  # Is it enabled
  enabled: true
  # If enabled, please enter the copy target plugin here.
  plugin: "ItemsAdder"
  # If enabled, please enter the copy target path here
  # If the previous option is set to Oraxen, please modify this option to "/pack/assets"
  path: "/contents/customarcheology/resourcepack/"
# Database
  # Do you want to use MySQL? If not, SQLLite will be used by default.
  use-mysql: false
  # Related settings for MySQL database.
    host: localhost
    port: 3306
    user: root
    password: root
    database: minecraft
# General Settings
  # The starting value of the Custom Model Data interval used for each item.
  # Please set the values here reasonably to avoid conflicts with other 
  # resource pack plugins that may cause item CustomimModelData conflicts.
    # Block type item, occupying the vanilla BLUE_DYE
    block: 10000
    # Tool type item, occupying the vanilla BRUSH
    tool: 10000
  # Visual distance of archaeology blocks
  # Players who exceed this distance from archaeological blocks will not 
  # be able to see the corresponding archaeology blocks.
  visible-distance: 8
  # How many blocks within each attempt to generate archaeology blocks 
  # using structure generation rules are detected.
  # Do not set the value here too high, otherwise it will cause significant performance issues.
  structure-distance: 16
  # Reward item scale.
  item-scale: 0.5
  # Reward block scale.
  block-scale: 0.25
  # Enabled hook feature?
    betterstructures: true

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