Item Format (before 1.2.0)

In previous page we have claimed some options are using Item Format, this page will let you know about it.

Item Format in CustomArchaeology consists of two parts: the start symbol and the item ID. Two parts are separated by : symbols. The start symbol needs to be set in the corresponding option of the config.yml file. Below are instructions for filling out item IDs:

  • For MMOItems, you need use Item Type:Item ID as item ID format.

  • For ItemsAdder, use the item ID directly, do not fill in the namespace.

  • For eco, you need use Plugin Name:Registered Item ID as item ID format, for example, EcoItems:superior_sword

A complete example is as follows:

  • minecraft:DIAMOND_SWORD


  • eco:EcoItems:superior_sword

  • itemsadder:superior_sword

  • oraxen:superior_sword

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